Q80 Brands

About Q80


Q80 began its journey in 1982 with Progress & Innovation as our most important products. Today, in Kuwait we have emerged to be a market leader in the field of Industrial Electrical & Electronic Spares. 



The company’s major areas of activity are Trading and Distribution of Industrial Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Components, Safety Products, Test Measurement Equipment, Generating Sets, Electrical Tapes, L.V/H.V. Joints, Cable Ties, Cable Accessories, Calibration Equipments, Safety Tools etc. All our marketed Products meet the highest standards for Quality, Reliability & Safety and the brands we carry are Premier & Trendsetters in our Industry, thus providing a complete service solution to meet your electrical test measurement needs.






To expand our operations & cater conveniently to our major clients in Industrial area, our first sales outlet was opened in April at Ahmadi with most premier products on the shelves. Our existing workshop remains specialized in calibration facility & repair services to keep your inspection and measurement equipment in top working order. With the backing of our friendly & motivated team, Q80 has primarily focused on efficient & speedy services aiming to satisfy every customer’s needs.



Geographical Location



It is our ultimate goal to expand our operations and apply the same principles Q80 follows for 3 decades in the business. We have establieshed our counterpart in the Region of Iraq, Q80 COMPANY in Erbil and Q80 COMPANY in Baghdad whilst maintaining our offices in Dubai, UAE as KALTRONIX  General Trading Company and in the US as Q8 America. We have established Q80 COMPANY in Baghdad, Iraq just recently opened  towards the end of 2014.



Together, Q80 COMPANY in Erbil and Q80 COMPANY in Baghdad are geographically located across the country, which follows a well established goals bonded on the same principle  Q80 KUWAIT upholds throughout the years, have made it one of the fastest growing Trading companies in Iraq. We, as well, maintain our network channels covering major market places in the State of Iraq, specifically, in its central, southern and northern parts through our own league of sub-distributors ensuring the saturation in distribution and presence as demands grow faster.






Q80 is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.


Our marketed products meet the highest standards for Quality, Reliability & Safety.  The brands we carrey are Premier and Trendsetters in our Industry, thus, providing a complete service solution fo meet your Electrical Measurement needs.




Marketing Stategy


The company is heading towards the demand of the times.  The brand management are carefully marketed from print ads, trade show partaking, email marketing, point of sale, promotions, digital marketing, to Free In-depth product training.   Ultimately the company’s strategies aim to make our products and services within the accessibility of our consumers and ensure our after sales services.